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Updated Website Where You Can Buy My Music!!!!!!!


Welcome to my web site featuring the music and talents of Dan Pharoah! Hey! That's me! I have included some videos from YouTube and a music player where you can listen to and purchase my albums titled LUCKY DAD and DRUNK PUPPY! LUCKY DAD is a folksy album where you can sit back and relax while listening!  DRUNK PUPPY has more energy and some tunes to ROCK out to! I have learned from my past two albums THE WHOLE DAN ROCK SHOW and IT'S JUST ME that my music can be better if I include some other musicians to help me out a bit with some accompaniment. Therefore I have enlisted the help of both local musicians and some from around the world to lend their talents and add some color to the songs.

Thank you for checking out my web page and for listening to and supporting me and my music. Please share my videos and when I see you off of the web, say hi and have a chat.

Dan Pharoah


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