Video 1

This video titled DRUNK PUPPY is a video starring my dog Rosco and his brother Oliver. The song was written about an incident that happened when Rosco was only 8 weeks old and encountered beer for the first time. This is his point of view.

Video 2

This is a video for my song FLY. Joey Six joins in on lead guitar. I am very proud of this song and how it has affected some of it's listeners. Sometimes bringing awareness to bad situations can lead to good things after all.

Josh Miller is featured on Lead Guitar in this song titled World Of Lies! He's the same person who did the lead guitar on DRUNK PUPPY (The Heavy Version)

Lucky Dad is for all of you sentimentalists out there!

The Beast is a song I wrote that opened up an independant Zombie film titled 3:16pm. The vocals were taken out for the movie so I decided to make my own visual representation for the song.


Music Videos

Riverside Park is a song about where I spent a lot of time as a kid growing up. There are many Riverside Parks, so I hope you all can relate!

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